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Welcome to the Blog. We hope that writing our blog will help educate and inform our customers and community about our beautiful and natural wood products. Our ultimate goal is help our customers make the right choices when using and specifying our truck and trailer flooring products. We have a long history of importing and selling both hardwood and softwood trailer decking products - and now we can offer our proprietary APITONG OIL finish as well as a world class selection of fasteners and accessories.

Our products are often sold as part of a system designed to perform at the highest level possible. Utilizing high quality fasteners and finishing off your project with the best exterior wood stain available is our solution to typical problems encountered with hardwoods used in exterior conditions. We are the first company to offer a complete and comprehensive solution.

How To Install Trailer Deck Screws

Professional installation tips from Tom Pole of Vanport Trucking

We interviewed Tom Pole from Vanport Trucking in Vancouver, Washington to learn the best techniques for installation of truck deck screws. Tom has many years of experience in woodworking and has repaired or replaced countless trailer floors over his career.

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Replacing a truck floor with new Apitong boards requires several important steps as show below as well as discussed in the video interview between Steve Getsiv of and Tom.

Important Tips

Be sure to mark the new hole locations on the top of trailer deck so that you hit the cross members in the perfect spot. You don't want to re-use the old holes which are generally located right in the middle of the cross member's width. Mark the edges so that you can pre-drill closer to the vertical side or web side of the cross member.

Nova Blog Photo

Nova Blog Photo

Predrilling should be done in 3 steps:

1. PREDRILL - Use a high quality drill bit with the correct diameter to go all the way through the wood and the aluminum cross member - two holes at each location where the wood passes over the cross member, approximately 1" in from each edge. For 1/4" x 20 TPI deck screws, we recommend a #1 (0.228") drill bit; for 5/16" x 18 TPI deck screws, we recommend a 9/32" (0.2812") drill bit.


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By Steve Getsiv, 09/21/20

Success Story : Camp Prime Time

The Background

Recently Ralph Berthon, the founder of Camp Prime Time in Yakima WA called one of our salespeople to discuss how they could redo their tilt bed trailer.

Camp Prime Time Video
Everyone Enjoys the Boat Ride

This trailer was an important part of Camp Prime Times day-to-day operations because it was used to maintain the property, haul heavy equipment, remove fallen trees and carry out other heavy haul duties around the campground.

After speaking to Ralph and learning more about Camp Prime Times mission which seeks to enrich the lives of families with children who are seriously ill or developmentally disabled by providing an outdoor wilderness experience where families can enjoy themselves in a supportive atmosphere without financial burden, decided to help.

We were moved by how Board Members, Staff and Volunteers bring light and joy to people who are less fortunate by letting them experience nature at its best, and teaching them about the outdoors in the beauty of northern Washington State.


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By Chad Koehnen, 05/04/20

Stay safe, Healthy and Keep on Truckin'

We realize these are uncertain times as the world navigates the Covid-19 pandemic

Preparing a shipment to help one of our customers located in Fresno, CA

With non-essential retail stores closed and travel bans affecting many, has adapted to the new reality and is doing its best to stop the spread while keeping America trucking!

Whether it's a few boards or a full truckload, customers can still purchase our high-performance Apitong Flooring, OEM quality deck screws and Apitong Oil Hardwood Finish!

You can order on-line via our website or call us at 1-855-APITONG and we will deliver right to your door so you can stay safe and keep on truckin. is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, and customers. This is our top priority as we continue to provide the support and service our customers rely on to keep their equipment on the road.


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By Bill Christou, 04/27/20