Protect the Investment in your Trailer with the Best Exterior Wood Stain - APITONG OIL

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Manac Flatbed by River with APITONG OIL Exterior Oil Based Wood Stain

The Finest Wood Trailer Decking Finish Ever Produced

  • Outlasts Every Other Wood Stain on the Market
  • Loaded with UV Blocker to Help Prevent Sun Damage
  • Fungicide to Help Protect Against Rot, Mold, Mildew and Fungi
  • Highest Coverage Available
  • Up to 800 SF of Coverage on Hardwoods
  • Up to 400 SF of Coverage on Softwoods
  • Marine Grade Components for the Ultimate Performance
  • Recommended Maintenance Cycle is Once Every Two Years

Perfect for Use On

  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Drop Deck Trailers
  • Low Boy Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Curtain Vans, Dry Vans
  • Rough Lumber
  • Tie Down Slats, Kickboards & More

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Maximize Your Return On Investment
Extend the Life of Your Equipment

APITONG OIL offers superior protection for your trailer, ensuring that your investment is protected at the highest level. Our formula allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine, while maintaining the structural integrity of your trailer decking. Using a proprietary blend of Tung Oil, Fungicide and Trans-oxide pigments, our exclusive APITONG OIL formula provides long-lasting penetrative protection so you can feel good about your trailer. We are proud to provide the best oil-based wood finish on the market, specifically designed for your trailer!

TUNG OIL FORMULA - Proven For Thousands of Years

The use of Tung Oil originated thousands of years ago in China, where it was commonly used as a preservative on wooden ships. Today, Tung Oil is a woodworkers’ #1 choice when it comes to adding protection and beauty to completed projects. APITONG OIL trailer deck finish takes advantage of the penetrative and protective properties found in Tung Oil to create a naturally durable and long-lasting finish. The components used in APITONG OIL provide a naturally water-resistant, acid-resistant and easy-to-use finish for your trailer decking.

Manac Flatbed by River with APITONG OIL Exterior Oil Based Wood Stain

Over-Engineered to be The Best,
Built with the Finest Marine Grade Components

By using APITONG OIL you will have superior protection from harmful UV rays thanks to a combination of trans-oxide pigments and the highest quality UV blockers on the market. Both the longevity of your decking’s structure and its color will be enhanced with the use of APITONG OIL as your wood finish. The high volume of protection provided with the use of APITONG OIL decreases the risk of structural breakdown commonly seen with high UV exposure.

APITONG OIL is also fast drying to the touch, allowing you to get your trailer back on the road within 24 hours or less after coating. Be sure to apply at temperatures over 45 degrees F.

With a maintenance application completed every one or two years, your trailer deck will maintain a nearly brand-new appearance with excellent color and outstanding protection against the elements.

APITONG OIL Walnut on 2x12 Batu for Boat Dock

Protecting Your Investment With the Finest Components

Your trailer is exposed to the elements on a regular basis, making it susceptible to weather-related damage. The water-resistant components used in APITONG OIL assist in reducing cracking, checking and other similar damage caused by increased moisture.

Fungicide is an essential component to maintaining not only the natural beauty, but also the integrity of your trailer deck. Our formula APITONG OIL wood finish not only offers protection from harmful UV rays and water damage, but it also allows your trailer decking to remain in top shape and fungi free.

These are just some of the reasons APITONG OIL is the perfect answer when protecting your trailer and increasing the return on your investment.

APITONG OIL Exterior Oil Based Wood Stain

Product Application


In order to correctly apply APITONG OIL wood finish, the first step is obtaining a clean and smooth surface. Be sure to scrub or pressure wash (carefully) the wood thoroughly removing all grime, dust, and any mildew that may exist. Standard consumer grade exterior wood cleaners are available. When mixed with water, the cleaning solution can be applied to the wood's surface with a garden chemical sprayer. After soaking in for 5-10 minutes, the material should be thoroughly scrubbed with a stiff-bristle broom or brush and then rinsed thoroughly. It may take a two to three applications in order to remove several years worth of dirt and mildew, and fully restore the original color of the natural wood. Pressure washing is the fastest way, and is especially effective when used with an exterior wood cleaner - just be careful, especially when pressure washing softwoods or older hardwood decks.

Even when finishing fresh wood, a completely dry surface is required. Do not finish your wood project with APITONG OIL unless you have had a minimum of 2-3 days of dry weather and do not expect rain within 24-48 hours. If the wood's surface does get wet soon after finishing, you will likely get water spots on the surface which must be sanded out prior to a light refinishing with APITONG OIL. After finishing, you should avoid contact with the wood's surface for at least 24 hours. APITONG OIL will take up to four weeks to fully cure to its final hardness.


For high density hardwoods such as Apitong, Angelim Pedra, White Oak, Red Oak and Maple, you should expect to get 600 to 800 SF of coverage per gallon - no, that's not a typo. 600 to 800 SF of coverage can easily be achieved on hardwoods because our APITONG OIL wood finish is not loaded up with solvents and oils that evaporate quickly. It's simply amazing how different working with APITONG OIL can be compared to typical exterior wood finishes. Softwood applications will absorb more APITONG OIL finish than hardwoods so coverage will vary between 300 and 400 SF per gallon, depending on the density and grain characteristics of the particular wood species.

APITONG OIL on Flatbed Trailer

Application Tips

We recommend rolling or brushing an initial coat of APITONG OIL finish onto the wood project - a 10" or 12" wide 3/8" nap roller works best. The finish should be allowed to soak in for 20 to 30 minutes and then it should be wiped off with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth. Be sure to wipe down all shiny spots to a dull matte finish. One additional coat may be applied shortly after the initial coat if desired, just be carefuly not to over-apply. If your trailer deck boards are not undercoated on the bottom, we strongly recommend that finish is applied on the underside of the trailer as well as the topside.


After the initial application, an annual or bi-annual maintenance can be done with a simple light coat of APITONG OIL rolled on and wiped off. Once your deck has been finished with APITONG OIL, additional coats will not soak in deeply since the wood is already sealed and protected. However, a light coat of APITONG OIL will help keep your trailer deck looking good.

It is absolutely critical that you do not over-apply APITONG OIL. More is not necessarily better - excessive finish on the surface of the wood which cannot be absorbed must be avoided. Over-applied finish must be sanded off and followed with a light reapplication of APITONG OIL. Over-application will generally result in a film of finish on the top layer; this film can peel off over time.

Warning!! Please read this carefully if you intend to use this product.

APITONG OIL, just like any other natural oil based finish, will self combust if rags are left in a pile after finishing. Heat is generated as the oils dry. We recommend that you dispose of used rags by placing them in a metal can full of water and then taking them to your hazardous waste center. You may also allow them to dry flat in exterior conditions - hang them on a fence, for example. Never store rags wadded up in a pile in your garage or tool shed. If you have questions about self combustion or disposal or rags, please call us - we have personal experience - yes, it really will self combust.

Please do not hesitate to contact us before you start your refinishing project if you have any questions whatsoever. Our in-house experts have plenty of personal experience using these products.

Product Sheet Safety Data Sheet Buy APITONG OIL Customer Feedback