Competitive Pricing for Trailer Decking

Our business unit is part of Nova USA Wood Products, an international leader in imported hardwood decking and flooring as well as industrial products. We set up on the premise that our customers didn't want to pay any unnecessary mark-ups to brokers and wholesalers who don't add value to the transaction. Our pricing philosophy is simple: we import directly; and based on our years of experience we buy as competitively as possible and we pass the savings on to our customers.

The Leader in Apitong / Keruing Truck Flooring and Components

Today, we are a market leader for Genuine Apitong Keruing a Brazilian Apitong hardwood trailer flooring to the transportation industry. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we work closely with original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket repair shops, hardwood lumber distributors, fleet owners and independent owner-operators. All segments of the transportation industry rely on our knowledgeable staff for assistance in fulfilling their requirements for both original equipment and replacement parts.

Wood Products for the Transportation Industry

We buy, manage and sell virtually every type of wood product used in the transportation industry, including Random Length as well as Finger-Joint Shiplap Decking for Flatbeds, Nailer Boards for Aluminum Trailers, S4S Boards and Rough Sawn Lumber for Heavy Equipment Haulers and Laminated Flooring, Tieslats, Kickboards and Plywood for Truck Body Vans. We offer our customers the convenience of shipping from multiple warehouse locations throughout the country including Memphis, TN, and Forest Grove, OR. From our warehouse locations in Oregon and Georgia we also have the ability to do custom milling and manufacturing work for our customers. Because we carry large inventories, we are able to supply product on a just-in-time basis and thereby enhance lean manufacturing processes for our many customers.

Local Inventory Available for Prompt Shipment

Customers all take comfort in knowing that in addition to our large inventory, also certifies all their Apitong products and provides a warranty against defects in workmanship. We purchase only the best materials from mills which place an emphasis on quality and delivery. Our company has overseas inspectors on-sight during all phases of the production process to ensure that quality meets the company’s stringent requirements before it departs the mill. This final inspection process ensures that there are no surprises and customers get exactly what they ordered! If there is a problem with one of our flooring products we ensure the issue is corrected in a timely and professional manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Industry Experience and Competitive Pricing

With large on-shore inventories, extensive transportation industry experience and strategic warehouse locations throughout the country, we at can offer our customers trustworthy advice, reliable service and competitive pricing.

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