Trailer Deck Screws
High Quality, Torx Drive, Pre-Oiled, Thread-Cutting Tip

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High Quality Trailer Deck Screws
Available in 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4"

Truck Deck Screws with Typical Air Drill

Buy Trailer Deck Screws Screw Specifications

  • Torx Drive T30 or T40
  • Thread Cutting Tip
  • Pre-Oiled, Lubricated
  • Available in 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4" Lengths
  • OEM Quality Nuts Available

Perfect for Use On

  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Drop Deck Trailers
  • Curtain Vans, Dry Vans
  • Genuine Apitong
  • Brazilian Apitong
  • Oak, Maple, Other Hardwoods
  • All Softwoods
  • Not for use with ACQ Pressure Treated Lumber

Our trailer decking screws are made from C1022 Steel, coated with black phosphate for protection, and coated with oil and wax for easier installation. The black phosphate coating offers “mild corrosion resistance” only. THESE SCREWS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ACQ PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER. With ACQ lumber, you must use an ACQ rated screw which will be stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Standard tools needed for installation of trailer deck screws: 1/2" corded electric drill, countersink bit on a battery powered drill / secondary drill, torx bit (T30 or T40) on an air drill.

Tools of the Trade for Truck Deck Screw Installation

Square up your holes perfectly to the cross members before you apply the wood planks.

Perfectly Installed Truck Deck Screws in Apitong

On hot days, aluminum will swell and create a very tight fit - a sledge hammer may be needed to pound material into place.

A tight fit on a hot day will require some persuasion.

Great job - those look perfect. Nothing sticking up here!

Perfectly done - nice job!

Product Installation Hints

The following hints were provide by Tom Pole of Vanport Trucking. Tom has been working with wood his entire life and has repaired many trailers with new Apitong boards from Vanport Trucking is located in Vancouver, Washington.

Mark the PERFECT Location from Top Side - When replacing boards, it's important not try and use the old screw holes which are generally centered on the cross member. The old holes may still have part of a remaining screw in the hole as well as potentially damaged threads. The new screws should be installed about 1/4 of the way from the edge of the cross member, towards the vertical section of the cross member. When you look under the trailer, you can see just how close the new screws are to the vertical section of the cross member. If you try to predrill into the old screws, you'll damage the drill bit and have to start a new hole or try to angle the screw away from the old hole and put it in crooked - not ideal!

Underside View of Truck Deck Screws Installed

Prepare the Hole Correctly - Use this three step process for predrilling a perfect hole:

1. Be sure to us an adequately powered drill - most 1/2" chuck electric drills will do the job. Battery powered drills don't have the power and torque required. The bit size for pre-drilling should be the same diameter as the inside diameter of the screw threads - for 1/4" x 20 TPI deck screws, we recommend a 7/32" (0.2188") drill bit, for 5/16" x 18 TPI deck screws, we recommend a 9/32" (0.2812") drill bit. You can go through the wood pretty quickly but always do at least a couple clean out cycles so you don't overheat the bit. Once you hit the metal cross member, slow down and do about three more clean out cycles as you drill.

Step 1 - predrill with standard drill bit

2. Using a tapered bit, cut the bevel around the top of the hole. Most professionals do this process by sight. You don't want deck screws sticking up above the wood - they have to be flat or just slightly below the wood surface.

Step 2 - cut countersink bevel

3. Here's the most important step according to our professional installer, Tom: Clean out the hole completely with compressed air. You want to be sure there is no debris that will bind when the screw is installed. The screw needs to be able to suck down the wood tightly to the cross member so that neither the wood nor the screw is sitting above the rest of the trailer deck.

Step 3 - clean out holes with compressed air

4. Drive the deck screws just below the surface of the wood so nothing is sticking up. An air tool works best with the correct high quality T30 or T40 Torx bit installed.

Step 4 - drive bolt in with correct torx bit

That's it! Now you have perfectly installed truck deck screws. Move on to the next cross member. It helps to have a nice thick piece of foam for a knee pad!

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