Customer Success Stories

Matthew - Pennsylvania

I noticed in my package of amazing Apitong Oil that you can get a sweet free hat for sending in your before and after photos. I have attached my before purchase photo and after refurbishing photo. As you can clearly see we are extremely satisfied with the results and how nice the trailer deck looks being finished with this great product.

Jeremiah - Oregon

DIY Project Success!
Customer milled his own 8/4 Douglas Fir boards.
Installed using’s OEM Quality Type F Screws, Nuts and Torx Driver Bits.
Finished with Olympic deck stain.

Doug - Idaho

"Went on great, and looks good!! Thank you! Great product!!"

Protecting a new trailer for the long haul using ExoShield Apitong Oil.

Jeremy - Nebraska

"Here are some pictures before and after the application of Apitong oil. This is a newly purchased 20’ Diamond C equipment trailer. I wished I had known of this sealer on the last two trailers I owned. As you can see the finish looks excellent and is very durable. I applied 2 coats. Thank you."

Benjamin - Indiana

“ Went on smoothly, covered nicely, looks great, look forward to using again on future wood products.”

Matt - Washington

Photos tell the story from sad and ready to be refreshed, to stripped, painted, and then the new decking put in. All the hardware you had worked great, and made the job a lot easier than it had any right to be.

Marc - Connecticut

"Coming along, the wood is great."

Patrick - Missouri

"Thank you for your help with my truck floor. The truck is still a work in progress but the floor looks great."

Christopher - Michigan

"Really happy with the results!"

Kenny - Ohio

"Looks Super!"

Bruno - Quebec, CA

"Our clients love the dependablity and longevity of Apitong on this 55 ton lowboy. We use Apitong (Keruing) wood on our lowboy float. This wood is one of the most resistant in the market!"

Terry - Florida

"Installed on a 70 ton three axle step deck. We haul lots of kinds of stuff on them. Thank you guys for everything I will be ordering more from you guys."

Luke - Ohio

"Before and after shots from Luke in Ohio."

Ross - California

"Thanks for making custom boards for my trailer. They worked well."

Ross ordered our 6/4x8 Angelim Pedra rough boards which we then ran to a custom pattern to fit his application precisely.