Trailer Deck Screws 5/16" 18 TPI x 4" Long - Partially Threaded

Trailer Deck Screws 5/16-18 4" Torx T40 Fastener - Partially Threaded

Fast Shipping. Self-tapping Screws for Installing Hardwood Planks on flatbed trucks, trailers. T40 Torx drive Fasteners in 5/16-18 4" from

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Product specifications

  • Description:   Trailer Deck Screws
  • Details:   OEM, Thread Cutting, Wood Deck Screws
  • Grade:   Flat Head Type F Thread Cutting Phosphate Coated
  • Usage:   Hardware
  • Condition:   New
  • Weight:   0.0710 pounds
  • Size Description:   5/16-18 x 4"
  • Your Price:   $0.41 /PC
  • This item is available from our Forest Grove, OR warehouse only.