Apitong 2x12 Full Sawn Rough Heavy Duty Trailer Deck Boards

Apitong 2x12 Full Sawn Rough Heavy Duty Deck Boards

Genuine Apitong, Keruing shipped direct from TrailerDecking.com. Perfect for repair and replacement of truck deck boards for your drop deck, low boy, heavy equipment, heavy duty trailer. Our hardwood trailer products are naturally durable, long lasting and the highest quality available. We offer fast and direct shipping from our own warehouses.

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Please enter the lineal footage required and your shipping address zip code. Length options are also available - it costs more to ship long lengths, so please pick the length you need. Our shipping estimator will provide an quick LTL shipping cost for up to 7,500 pounds. Final shipping options will be selectable on checkout. This item is available from our Memphis, TN and Forest Grove, OR warehouses.

Available Lengths by Zip Code

Memphis, TN 38141:
1/10' 13/12' 12/14' 63/15' 31/17' 71/18' 37/19' 52/20' 39/21' 18/22' 12/23'

Forest Grove, OR 97116:
9/12' 90/13' 80/14' 100/15' 73/16' 126/17' 83/18' 126/19' 12/20' 13/21' 35/22' 5/24'

LF = Lineal Feet (Number of Pieces x Length)

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  LF $10.90
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Product specifications

  • Description:   Apitong, Keruing
  • Details:   Dipterocarpus spp, Hagokhak, Panau, Dau, Yang, Eng, In, Heng, Keroeing, Kerunwing, Kruen, Kurjun, Klalar, Lagan, Bagac, Gurjun
  • Grade:   Std + Btr
  • Usage:   Full Sawn, Rough Lumber for Heavy Duty Drop Decks, Low Boys, Equipment Trailers, Perfect for Outrigger Boards
  • Condition:   AD
  • Weight:   11,000 pounds per 1000 lineal feet
  • Size Description:   2x12 Full Sawn
  • Your Price:   $10.90 /LF
  • This item is available from our Memphis, TN and Forest Grove, OR warehouses.