Champion CSK18 82 Degree Countersink Drill Bit

Countersink Drill Bit

This chatterless finish, single cutting edge countersink bit is ideal for fast stock removal and is easily sharpened. Ideal for getting your countersunk screws perfectly flat on the top of your hardwood trailer deck. These high speed steel zero flute countersinks offer superior quality, unique designs and outstanding performance, yielding excellent workpiece finish. These tools can be easily sharpened by use of a small mounted grinding wheel inserted in the hole.

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Product specifications

  • Description:   Drill Bits
  • Details:   Champion Cutting Tool
  • Grade:   Industrial Strength
  • Usage:   Hardware
  • Condition:   New
  • Weight:   0.0540 pounds
  • Size Description:   82 Degree Countersink
  • Your Price:   $19.99 /PC
  • This item is available from our Memphis, TN and Forest Grove, OR warehouses.