How We Secure Your Information

At, we will keep your information private and secure.

We use data encryption to ensure that our customers’ personal information is protected. If you pay by credit card, we do not store the credit card number, expiration or security code; this information is read from the checkout page, encrypted using state of the art technology, and immediately sent to PayPal when the checkout page expires. It is erased from our server when it is transferred to PayPal, and it is not stored on your local computer as a cookie. Many browsers will offer to remember sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers. We suggest you turn off these features.

You should use a strong password when signing up for an account. However, you can be assured in knowing that we do not store any of your order history or your payment information on our web site. Even if someone were to break into your account, all that would be available is the name, email and contact information. If we see any suspicious activity on your account, we will bring it to your attention immediately.

All orders will be confirmed by email, fax or phone. Orders on open account require a company purchase order number and a signed acknowledgement or purchase order.