Our Privacy Policy

At TrailerDecking.com, we will keep your information private and secure.

Information collected by TrailerDecking.com

Our web site may collect the following information from you: name, company name, credit card number, email address, billing and shipping addresses.

We collect this information primarily in order to provide you with our services and products, and inform you of special offers, to customize the presentation of our site according to your user preferences, and to analyze user traffic patterns in order to improve site structure and ease of usability.


Our web site uses cookies to store the products you have selected to place in your shopping cart so that you may leave the site and return with the shopping cart still intact. We also use cookies while you are logged in to store your user name and discount amount.

How TrailerDecking.com uses your personal information

TrailerDecking.com will release information to trusted third parties in order for them to perform services on our behalf. Services provided by these trusted third parties include product delivery and customer order processing. We do not store your credit card number if you use a credit card for payment. We will provide information to government authorities if such a provision is required by law. Additionally, we may release information in order to protect the safety, right, and/or property of others or ourselves.

TrailerDecking.com will never sell or rent your personal information.

Controlling how your information is used

If you are receiving marketing communications being sent to you with the personal information you provided, you have the ability to opt-out of those communications at any time. Just send us an email or call us to remove you at any time from our mailing list.

Updating/Changing your information

If you would like to change your information, you can log in and update your personal information on the TrailerDecking.com website. Please go to our Customer Service page. You can also call directly to perform an information update at 503.473.2878.