About TrailerDecking.com

Direct Pricing is the Key to our Business Model

We set up TrailerDecking.com on the premise that our customers didn't want to pay any unnecessary mark-ups to brokers and wholesalers who don't add value to the transaction. We buy all our material directly from the manufacturers overseas, we inspect it ourselves, and we don't use brokers or wholesalers to get the job done.

We have our own offices in Indonesia and in Brazil. All of our logistics are handled from the point of origin and we work hard to get our customers the best deals available in terms of quality, lengths, and transportation costs.

The Founders of TrailerDecking.com

Our business unit is part of Nova USA Wood Products, a international leader in tropical hardwood decking and flooring, as well industrial products. Steve Getsiv started TrailerDecking.com in 2009 with help from John Buchanan, a longtime customer of Steve's. John passed away in October 2010 but he was instrumental in helping the company establish initial contacts in Malaysia and Indonesia.

After working for several years as a logger and surveyor, John obtained a degree in forestry from the University of California at Berkeley. John spent many years working and traveling throughout Southeast Asia and then worked in both the import and export lumber business. John had extensive knowledge of the truck flooring business and worked in the Apitong business for most of his career.

Steve began working in the truck flooring business in 1987 and then spent 18 years working in various capacities from purchasing and quality control to sales and marketing. Steve started Nova USA Wood Products in 2005 in partnership with his best supplier in Brazil, Nova Forest Products SA. We set out to build an outstanding international trading company, specializing in wholesale flooring and decking. See our main web site for for details at www.novausawood.com.

Meet the TrailerDecking.com Team

Meet the Trailer Decking Team

There is No Substitute for Expert Experience - Bill Christou

With over 20 years of experience trading in tropical hardwoods and ten of those years spent living in Surabaya, Indonesia, Bill Christou joined the Nova USA Wood Products team as a full partner in May 2010. Bill’s focus on the manufacture of Apitong products for the trailer industry is second to none and he brings a wealth of experience to the TrailerDecking.com team. Bill now coordinates all of our purchasing and personally handles all the larger national accounts and many of our OEM customers. Bill is fluent in the Indonesian and Malay language of Bahasa, and manages our office in Surabaya which handles logistics, purchasing and grading for all products from Southeast Asia.

And More Experience - Drew Blake

Drew has been calling on the Truck Trailer and Truck Body OEM's and aftermarket distributors for the past thirty years selling them wood products, aluminum extrusions, roll formed steel, plastic mud flaps and rubber products. He has sold imported floors and Apitong for Nelson International for 7 years and then Rockland Wood Products for 3 years. He's a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in marketing. Drew has been based in the Atlanta area for over thirty years and handles most of our business in the Southeast U.S.

On-Line Sales Specialist - Stephen Purdy

Handling all of our on-line sales, domestic side logistics and order processing, Stephen Purdy is the newest member of the TrailerDecking.com team. He has enjoyed his time as a member of the TrailerDecking.com team and looks forward to continuing to learn and serve the trucking industry. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in business administration. He is an avid sports fan with allegiances to Ducks football, the Portland Trail Blazers, Green Bay Packers, and Boston Red Sox.

Our Web Site and Business Philosophy

We created this web site so that we can work with our truck trailer customers as directly as possible. We believe in sharing as much information as possible about our products: where they come from, how they are made, the scientific properties of each and every wood species we sell, technical drawings and more.

Our pricing philosophy is simple: we import directly or we work with key trading partners who import and hold stocks for us. We buy as competitively as possible, based on our years of experience, and we pass the savings on to you.

Any feedback you can offer will no doubt help us improve the web site and our business.