Apitong, Keruing 3x12 Full Sawn Std + Btr - RGH

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1/20' 29/21' 10/23' 5/24'

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LF Price Weight Total Cost
LF $11.60
Zip Shipping Cost $0.00

Product specifications

  • Description:   Apitong, Keruing
  • Other Names:   Dipterocarpus spp, Hagokhak, Panau, Dau, Yang, Eng, In, Heng, Keroeing, Kerunwing, Kruen, Kurjun, Klalar, Lagan, Bagac, Gurjun
  • Grade:   Std + Btr
  • Usage:   RGH
  • Condition:   AD
  • Weight per 1000 count:   16,500 lb
  • Size Description:   3x12 Full Sawn
  • Your Price:   $11.60 /LF
  • Limited Availability - Please call to confirm before ordering.